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About the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit

Hiring a candidate who looks good on paper, but does not come through on the job, can cost your business both time and money. Success at work takes more than technical skills and knowledge. You need people with the right behaviors, attitudes and motivation. IQ tests and technical assessments do not tell the whole story.

Identify the candidate most likely to succeed

The research-based WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit, a 20–25 minute, web-based recruiting tool, measures six behavioral competencies* associated with critical factors of workplace success. You are provided with an Expected Job Fit Indicator that indicates the candidate’s likelihood of success in the position. This score is tailored to the type of job you are filling and the behavioral skills candidates need to perform successfully in that job.

Behavioral competencies measured by the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit

*Caring & Compassion Competency for Healthcare Organizations

To ensure these behavioral competencies fit your needs, a Caring & Compassion competency is used in lieu of Customer Service Orientation for healthcare organizations.

Used in conjunction with interviews and knowledge-based testing, the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit gives you a more complete understanding of candidates, which can help you make the best hiring decisions.

Learn more about how the assessment works.

Get concise, easy-to-understand score reports

Shortly after a candidate completes the assessment, you will receive an easy-to-understand individual score report, which provides the Expected Job Fit Indicator as well as performance ratings for each behavioral competency. After all candidates for a position complete the assessment, you'll receive a roster report that allows you to easily compare candidates.

Learn more about scores and score reports.

Recruit with confidence

Powered by cutting-edge technology and backed by ETS's rigorous research, the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit is a significant advantage over similar workplace assessments. You can rely on the information you receive to find the right candidate for your organization.

Learn more about the research behind the assessment.

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