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How the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Career Interest Works

Preferences are key predictors of everything from how likely an individual is to complete a required training to how long they will stay in a particular job to how they’ll feel about their trajectory. In just minutes, the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Career Interest measures:

  • an individual’s preferences for different types of work activities and environments
  • how well their interests match their current or intended job
  • their level of intention to seek out new job opportunities and career and job-related training

Get an easy to understand report in just minutes

WorkFORCE® Assessment for Career Interest score reports include the test taker’s career-related interests, intentions, and compatibility with their current and desired roles. You’ll get rich insights on things like:

  • Occupations of Interest
    Individual’s high-interest occupations, including the top 20 jobs that most fit the test taker’s interests and the 10 jobs that least fit their interests.
  • Motivation Level
    How motivated the test taker is to pursue and complete necessary training for the desired job.
  • Clear Next Steps
    Guidance that helps the individual take command of their own career path and personal development.

Interested in the WorkFORCE Assessment for Career Interest?

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