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Disabilities and Health-related Needs

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View resources for test takers with disabilities, including guidelines for test readers and scribes, and how ETS works to improve accessibility.

Bulletins and Supplements

Download the Bulletin and Bulletin Supplement for complete instructions about requesting accommodations.

Guidelines for Test Readers

View guidelines for test readers, including characteristics of a good reader, special considerations for multiple-choice tests and more.

Guidelines for Scribes

View tips for writing or recording answers to multiple-choice questions, test center procedures and more.

Prometric® Pre-Approved Personal Items 

See a list of items test takers can bring into a Prometric test center.


Learn about the terms you may see during the accommodations request process.


See a list of organizations that can provide support or assistance to people with disabilities.

How ETS Works to Improve Accessibility

ETS pays careful attention to the technical quality of its tests, making sure that they are fair and valid to all test takers. Learn how ETS works to design accessible tests and improve accessibility.

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