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Power Your Progress: Five Ways to Boost Your MBA Application


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Power Your Progress: Five Ways to Boost Your MBA Application

If you’re looking to make some serious progress toward your career goals, education can be the key. To start strong on the path to success, you’ll need a standout MBA application, but have no fear. While the admissions process (and the hard work that follows) may seem like it takes superhuman strength, know that now is your time to shine. Rely on your superpowers to get it done!

1. Be organized.

Preparation is everything. Know deadlines and map out a doable schedule. By thinking and looking ahead, you’ll give yourself the greatest opportunity to do your best on the admissions test, essays and interviews. Get started with this helpful advice about four things you can do right now.


2. Do the research.

Uncover the perfect program for you. Research rankings, locations, program design,
faculty and more. Speak with alumni. Visit schools. Be sure you’ll have what you need to succeed at your goals.


3. Tell your story.

You most certainly have a great story and unique experiences that will make you stand out as a candidate. Take the time to craft your personal "brand" and showcase it on paper and in person.


4. Demonstrate leadership skills.

Show management programs you have the power to get things done. Include specific examples that prove your value as a leader, mentor and problem solver.

5. Take a leap.

Be bold in the tremendous step you are taking. Demonstrate the passion and drive you have for earning a promotion, switching careers or changing career tracks. Which superpower do you possess? Is there one you want to develop?