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Earning an advanced degree starts with getting in

Explore your postgraduate options and see how the GRE® General Test can help.


You’ll Never Forget the Moment You Get into Business School

It all starts with the GRE test

Ready to unlock new career opportunities? Expand your network? Launch a startup? The door to your future is wide open, and it starts with taking the GRE General Test for business school.

Show business schools your potential with the most versatile admissions test

Offered 24 hours a day 365 days a year and accepted by business, law and graduate programs around the world, the GRE General Test is the most widely available and versatile admissions test for business school. The design is flexible too, allowing you to:

  • tag questions so you can skip them and return later
  • review and change answers within a section
  • send only your best scores

See which MBA programs accept GRE scores.


With GRE scores, you can apply to thousands of MBA, specialized master’s, dual degree and doctoral business programs, including those ranked highest by The Financial Times and U.S. News & World Report.

More opportunities for success

Prepare for Test Day

Access our comprehensive study tools to feel confident on test day.

Official GRE Mentor Course

Get 600+ practice questions, skill-building content to help you brush up, and a voucher to take a timed practice test.

A Deep Look at the GRE General Test

In this free, two-hour prep session, hear directly from — and ask questions of — the people who make the GRE test!

Free Test Prep Resources

Get overviews of each test section with sample questions, math refreshers, the entire pool of essay topics and more!

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GRE or GMAT: Which Test Is Right for You?

Business school expert Esther Magna discusses factors to consider when choosing an admissions test.

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