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Explore your postgraduate options and see how the GRE® General Test can help.


The Excitement of Getting into Law School Is Just the Beginning

Dreaming of a career in law? Eager to fight for justice? The door to your future is wide open, and it starts with taking the GRE General Test for law school.

Show law schools your potential with the most versatile admissions test

Offered 24 hours a day 365 days a year and accepted by law, business and graduate programs around the world, the GRE General Test is the most widely available and versatile admissions test for law school. The design is flexible too, allowing you to:

  • tag questions so you can skip them and return later
  • review and change answers within a section
  • send only your best scores

See which law schools accept GRE General Test scores for admission.

The GRE got me into school … it offers opportunities to people who may not otherwise be given the opportunity.

Christina Rinnert

University of Arizona Law School Graduate and GRE Test Taker


With GRE scores, you can apply to your choice of 100 law schools, as well as countless graduate and business programs. Start by registering to take the test at home or at a center near you.

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