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PASL Assessment

Measures a candidate's application of knowledge and skills to become an effective school leader

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Supporting PASL Test Takers

Ethics guidelines and supportive roles

As part of required coursework, PASL test takers and educators may engage in professional discussions and activities related to the tasks. However, the work that test takers submit in response to each performance assessment task needs to be theirs and theirs alone. The written commentaries, student work and other artifacts, as well as the video recording has to feature candidates' interactions with colleagues and the work that the test taker facilitated within the school or district setting.

For ethical guidelines when working with test takers, see “Support and Ethics” in the PASL Candidate and Educator Handbook (PDF).


Download the handbook and guides below for detailed information about the PASL assessment and how test takers submit tasks.


PASL Candidate and Educator Handbook

Information about the tasks, rubrics, writing guidelines, scoring and instructions for test takers on how to include artifacts and record video.

Download (PDF)

Submission System User Guide

Instructions for test takers on how to register, upload artifacts and videos, resubmit tasks, and resolve technical issues.

Download (PDF)

PASL Assessment Overview

In-depth information about the assessment and a review of the three tasks.

Download (PDF)

Guidance for Completing the PASL Assessment in a Virtual or Hybrid Environment 

Recommendations for how test takers can gather and submit artifacts for each task if they’re teaching a remote classroom or hybrid environment.

Download (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About the PASL Assessment

View FAQs about the PASL assessment.

Download (PDF)

These materials can help test takers fulfill the requirements of the assessment. They can also use them throughout your clinical experience.

Plan Template

This template helps test takers organize their thoughts before working with colleagues and guide their planning process.

Download (Word)

Walk-through Observation Form

Test takers can note observations in the classroom as they relate to the professional development in Task 2.

Download (Word)

Post-professional Development Feedback Survey

Test takers can get feedback from colleagues involved in the professional development experience for Task 2. The survey results can help guide their reflection required in Step 4.

Download (Word)

PASL Glossary  

Glossary of terms used throughout the assessment.

Download (PDF)

Test takers need to use the PASL assessment permission forms below; district and school permission forms are not acceptable.

In addition to the materials above, the PASL test-taker website offers valuable resources to guide them through the assessment. Here are some of the key pages: