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PATL Assessment

Measures your ability to provide effective leadership and contribute to student success

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Payment and Refund Policies for the PATL Assessment

Payment policy

  • Cash payments can’t be accepted.
  • All payments must be for the full amount.
  • If you don’t have sufficient credit or funds in your account to cover a registration or service(s) we have processed on your behalf, your scores will be withheld and an additional nonrefundable service fee of US$30 will be added to your account.
  • Services may be withheld for nonpayment of fees.
  • All outstanding balances incurred from prior ETS tests and/or services must be paid in full to register for any future ETS test or service.
  • When registering online, you may be given the option to pay in the local currency supported by their card issuer or in USD.
  • During the payment process, you may be asked by your card-issuing bank to verify cardholder identity by entering an authentication code. Failure to enter the required information or entry of invalid information will result in the sale being rejected. If you don’t know your 3D-Secure passcode or password, and you’re not given the option to enroll online in the bank’s pop-up screen, then you’ll need to contact your bank.
  • ETS reserves the right to add or delete payment options at its own discretion and without notice.

Refund policy

Eligible refunds

  • If you cancel your registration by the cancellation deadline for the original submission window, you’re eligible for a 50% refund of your registration fee. If you paid with a prepaid voucher, you’re not eligible for a partial refund. See Dates and Deadlines. ETS retains the remainder of your payment to cover expenses for processing your registration.
  • A partial refund is processed in the same currency and credited back to the original payment method. If you paid with e-check, allow 9–10 days for processing. If the refund can’t be processed, an ETS representative may contact you. Please ensure your Performance Assessments registration contact information is accurate.
  • If you register for the wrong assessment or you’re not eligible to take the assessment you purchased, you can get a partial refund if you cancel before the cancellation deadline.


Noneligible refunds

You’re not entitled to a refund if you:

  • cancel after the cancellation deadline
  • don’t submit a task response by the task deadline
  • submit task responses that are off topic, blank or can’t be scored
  • didn’t pass the assessment and later learn that you didn’t need to take or weren’t eligible to take the assessment
  • register for the wrong test
  • resubmit the exact same response during the resubmission window

Reschedule, late registration, resubmission and other service fees are also nonrefundable.