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PATL Assessment

Measures your ability to provide effective leadership and contribute to student success

Select any step to learn more about your PATL assessment journey.


Understanding Your PATL Scores

Your PATL score report contains valuable information about your performance, including:

  • a summary page indicating your score for each task and your cumulative score for the assessment
  • a detail page for each task indicating scores for each step within a task and feedback for each step score

See a PATL Sample Test-taker Score Report (PDF).


Passing scores

Each state and licensing organization determines its own passing requirements for the PATL assessment. If a state agency hasn’t established a passing requirement, individual educator preparation programs (EPPs) may determine this requirement.

If your state or educator preparation program isn’t listed below, contact your EPP.


Certification State State Certification Agency Passing Score
Arkansas Arkansas State Department of Education 42


Reviewing feedback for step scores

Each task of the assessment contains multiple steps. Your score report includes general feedback for each step score within a task to help you improve the quality of your evidence in your step responses, and help you determine if you want to resubmit a task.


Steps with a score of 0 

A step score of 0 will be applied for any of the following:

  • The written commentary for a step is missing or doesn’t address the activity and guiding prompts.
  • The required artifacts are missing or illegible. Links to artifacts on a third-party site aren’t acceptable.
  • The artifact linked to the written commentary for the step fails to provide the required evidence.


After you receive your score, there’s a short resubmission window. If your assessment score falls below the passing score, you’re eligible to resubmit any or all six tasks for a fee. See Resubmitting Your Tasks.


What to do if you didn't pass 

If you didn’t pass the assessment during the original submission window or the resubmission window, you’ll need to retake the assessment in a future submission window. Consult your EPP for guidance on how to move forward.