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PATL Assessment

Measures your ability to provide effective leadership and contribute to student success

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Writing Responses and Submitting Tasks for the PATL Assessment

For the PATL assessment, you’ll write and submit task responses with artifacts via your ETS account.

Review Dates and Deadlines to make sure you don’t miss any submission deadlines.


Written responses and artifacts

For each task, you’ll submit a written response along with other types of evidence or artifacts, such as a professional development plan and quotes from colleagues.

Be sure to download the following important documents for guidelines and instructions:

View task requirements, response examples and other important information below.

Task Requirements and Rubrics

View task requirements and rubrics for all six tasks.

Library of Examples

View task responses  from previous test takers to see how your responses compare.

Permission Forms

You’ll need permission forms for anyone whose documentation or feedback you submit as evidence.