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PATL Assessment

Measures your ability to provide effective leadership and contribute to student success

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Permission Forms for the PATL Assessment

You’ll need to get permission for the use of all materials or feedback (e.g., written observations, emails, letters, documents) you submit as artifacts that aren’t created solely by you. Be sure to use the PATL Assessment permission forms below; district and school permission forms are not acceptable.

When working in a virtual environment, you can use electronic signature programs, such as DocuSign®, to obtain approvals.

Don’t remove identifying information from the completed permission forms; you’ll need to keep these forms with your records.


For more information about permission forms, as well as maintaining privacy and removing identifiers in artifacts, view the PATL Candidate and Educator Handbook (PDF).

Maintaining privacy in artifacts

In your task responses and artifacts, it’s extremely important that you don’t identify yourself, students, colleagues, name of the school or city/town where your school is located. Instead, refer to students as “Colleague 1”, “Colleague 2”, "Student 1," "Student 2" and so on, and refer to places as "my school" or "my district." This ensures that your responses are scored fairly and protects the identity of students and adults.

Be sure to remove all identifiers from artifacts before uploading.