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PATL Assessment

Measures your ability to provide effective leadership and contribute to student success

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Task Requirements and Rubrics for the PATL Assessments

All six of the tasks for the PATL Assessment require you to collaborate with colleagues. Each task addresses the domains within the Teacher Leader Model Standards (PDF); the specific domains are noted in each of the task requirements. View the task requirements and rubrics for each task below.


Before starting the assessment, be sure to download the following:


Task 1: Adult Learning and the Collaborative Culture

You’ll focus on a group of colleagues who you worked with on a specific task or project and who reflect different stages of career development, backgrounds and perspectives. Consider how you applied strategies of adult learning across your teacher leadership activities with this group to promote collegiality and improve instruction and student learning.

Task 2: Research for the Improvement of Practice

You’ll focus on a situation in which you initiated and facilitated your colleagues' design and implementation of research, including choice of appropriate methodology and analysis of data directly related to a curriculum-based issue.

Task 3: Professional Learning

You’ll focus on a situation in which you facilitated the design and implementation of an integrated and differentiated professional learning plan based on assessed student and teacher needs.

Task 4: Observation and Use of Assessment Data

You’ll focus on a situation in which you advanced the professional skills of a colleague by applying expertise in observational skills and providing quality feedback to support reflective practice. Think about how you facilitated the design, application and interpretation of multiple assessments, along with other available data, to make informed decisions.

Task 5: Collaboration with Families and the Community

You’ll focus on a situation in which you helped improve colleagues' collaboration and interaction in their work with families and the community.

Task 6: Collaborative Teams and Advocacy

You’ll focus on a situation in which you identified and assessed opportunities for educational improvement. Your response has to advocate effectively for your colleagues by developing and supporting a collaborative team and promoting interactions that improve the effectiveness of practice.