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Region 3 Comprehensive Center (R3CC)

Providing technical assistance to state educational agencies to improve outcomes and close achievement gaps


Our R3CC Team

John H. Lockwood, Ph.D.


Lockwood has worked in education, research and management fields for over 30 years, and has worked at ETS since 2007. While at ETS, he has managed projects to scale up the use of new standards, provided support for turning around low-performing schools, and has built the capacity of State Education Agencies (SEAs) and rural school districts to improve student learning.

Prior to his work with ETS, he was the Research Director for the Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement in Washington, D.C. There he managed the online research database, the AYP solutions catalog and the Research Brief series, which translated promising academic research into practical solutions that teachers and administrators could adopt for improving student achievement.

John Lockwood

Sylvette Santiago Ramirez

Deputy Director

Based in Puerto Rico, Santiago Ramirez has 20+ years of experience in the management of federal funding, education, labor relations and communications, and in the development and sustainability of educational partnerships. She has held leadership positions within the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) and was a member of various committees representing the PRDE. She has also worked in the private sector and the Puerto Rico Senate.

Ramirez’s interests and experience include efforts focused on school transformation, project planning, and the building and sustainability of turnaround strategies. Her ability to build effective relationships and strong partnerships across all sectors was an important component during her time as the director of the Corporate Alliance Pro Education Office at the PRDE. Her work there resulted in the development and maintenance of over 300 educational partnerships that targeted core academic subjects and professional development for teachers.

Sylvette Santiago Ramirez

Esthela R. Allison, Ph.D.

Senior Federal Programs Lead

Allison has over 3 decades of experience in education. She has served school districts in the following capacities: bilingual and regular classroom teacher, federal programs director, teaching facilitator, interim principal, academic programs supervisor, curriculum director, assistant superintendent of personnel and instruction, and superintendent of schools.

Allison also served the University of Texas at Austin’s Charles A. Dana Center, as their director of district services. In addition, she worked as a Knowledge, Learning and Results Manager for the Stupski Foundation, where she conducted organizational assessments for urban school districts in 12 states. Prior to joining R3CC, she served as a mentor to the regional superintendents in Puerto Rico.

Esthela R Allison

Melanie Graziano

Puerto Rico Education Specialist

Graziano has over 10 years of experience in public education across all grade levels, spending most of her tenure teaching middle and high school Spanish, as well as being an active member of the school-building leadership team and the curriculum committee.

She has held administrative positions at the Board of Cooperative Educational Services, such as an embedded data coach within various school districts, co-chaired the professional development committee, assisted in statewide assessment and instructional data collection, and partnered with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to ensure the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative and program compliance.

Melanie Graziano

April Phillips

U.S. Virgin Islands State Manager

As the Virgin Islands state manager with R3CC, Phillips facilitates the work that builds the capacity of the Virgin Islands Department of Education to promote student success. Phillips brings over 30 years of educational experience across the continuum of Pre-K to postsecondary institutions with a focus on early learning success working with young children, parents, community and government agencies, educators, postsecondary students and policymakers.

After teaching in the elementary classroom for 20 years, Phillips joined the St. Thomas/St. John District Leadership Team, developing and managing programs, delivering professional development, and providing technical assistance to teachers and administrators. Her collaborations with the VI Early Childhood Advisory Council yielded The Virgin Islands Early Learning Guidelines and The Virgin Islands Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines. She currently resides on the island of St. Thomas.

April M Phillips

Faith D. George-Boone

U.S. Virgin Islands Education Specialist

George-Boone is an educator whose career has encompassed all levels of leadership and management in the Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE) for over 30 years. She has held various positions, which include classroom teacher, remedial reading teacher, mentor, assistant principal and deputy superintendent. George-Boone's interests and experience include early learning, increasing student and stakeholder engagement, teacher/leader effectiveness, professional learning, student growth and resource alignment.

Faith G Boone

Migdalia Nuñez Quiles, Ph.D.

Migdalia Nuñez Quiles serves as a long-time consultant with profound knowledge of K-12 instruction and learning. Her highly regarded expertise has contributed to the success of a great many projects and initiatives over the last two decades including aligning school calendars, improvements in achievement and performance among marginalized and at-risk populations and enhancing the professional practice of instruction. Nuñez employs a comprehensive approach to her work by intricately weaving complimentary components of education into her contributions, assuring alignment across school improvement, college and career readiness, evaluation, and student learning initiatives.

Migdalia Nunez Quiles

Euvelisse N. Jusino Del Valle

Communications Specialist

Jusino Del Valle began her work for the Region 3 Comprehensive Center as a communications specialist in 2023. Euvelisse is an experienced educator and biotechnologist with a strong background in education, project management and API manufacturing. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of education. Her work with R3CC includes developing and implementing communication plans and content to support the program goals and project needs in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Euvelisse N Jusino Delvalle