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Systems and Methods for Multi-modal Performance Scoring using Time-series features

Ramanarayanan, Vikram; Chen, Lei; Leong, Chee Wee; Feng, Gary; Suendermann-Oeft, David
Patent Issued:
Jan 08, 2019
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Motion, Movement Time (MT), Performance Assessment, Computer Scoring


Computer-implemented systems and methods for evaluating a performance are provided. Motion of a user in a performance is detected using a motion capture device. Data collected by the motion capture device is processed with a processing system to identify occurrences of first and second types of actions by the user. The data collected by the motion capture device is processed with the processing system to determine values indicative of amounts of time between the occurrences. A non-verbal feature of the performance is determined based on the identified occurrences and the values. A score for the performance is generated using the processing system by applying a computer scoring model to the non-verbal feature.

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