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Systems and Methods for Determining the Effectiveness of Source Material Usage

Somasundaran, Swapna; Chodorow, Martin; Burstein, Jill
Patent Issued:
Jul 02, 2019
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing, Automated Essay Scoring (AES), Essay Assessment, Scoring Models, Corpus Analysis, Essay Topics


Systems and methods are provided for automatically scoring essay responses to a prompt using a scoring model. A relevant word corpus and an irrelevant word corpus are accessed. A scoring model is generated by, for each of a plurality of words in the relevant word corpus, determining a topic signature score based on a number of appearances of that word in the relevant word corpus and a number of appearances of that word in their relevant word corpus. For each of a plurality of words in an essay response, a topic signature score is determined for that word. A score for the essay response is determined based on the identified topic signature scores.

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