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April 1948 English Composition Reading-Reliability Study

Aronson, Judith E. R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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English Composition Tests, Essay Tests, Interrater Reliability, Test Reliability, Writing Evaluation


This report is an addendum to an earlier statistical report on "The Study of Reading Reliability of the College Board English Composition Tests of April and June 1947." The data reported here is from an April 1948 English composition reading-reliability study. Statistics presented include: 1) a table of the distribution of reader reliabilities and the over-all reliability for the paragraph-revision question; 2) a table listing the reader numbers and reliabilities of the 54 readers in the sample; 3) a table comparing the reliabilities of those readers who were present for the 1948 reading period and for at least one of the 1947 periods; 4) a summary of the errors and discrepancies in scoring discovered at the time of analysis; and 5) the procedures for obtaining reader reliability and over-all reliability. (JGL)

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