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Medical College Admission Test -- WMC

Swineford, Frances
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ETS Research Bulletin
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College Entrance Examinations, Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Test Analysis


Form WMC of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) was administered in October 1948, to 13,678 candidates and in February 1949 to 4,575 candidates. This test consists of six individually time parts in two major sections, General Ability (four tests) and Achievement (two tests). For General Ability, scores have been obtained for each part and for two composites: Verbal Composite (combining scores on Scientific Materials, Social Materials, and Humanistic Materials), and Index of General Ability (Verbal and Quantitative Composite). The Achievement tests are Understanding of Modern Society and Premedical Science. Table 1 summarizes the major aspects of the test (number of items, minutes allowed, number of candidates in October and in February, mean raw score in October and in February and standard deviation in October and in February) for each part of the test. Table 2 presents data for each section of the test separately-- Verbal Ability I (Scientific Materials), Verbal Ability II (Social Materials), Verbal Ability III (Humanistic Materials), Verbal Composite, Quantitative Ability, Index of General Ability, Understanding of Modern Society, and Premedical Science. In each section of Table 2 are given the raw-score limits and corresponding converted-score limits for the frequency distributions of the October and February groups and of all cases; and the percentile ranks for the October group, February group and all cases. At the bottom of each section of the table are given the chance-score mean and standard deviation. (JGL)

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