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Intercorrelations of Cooper Union Art School Data

Frederiksen, Norman O.; Schrader, William B.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Art Education, Cooper Union, Correlation, Grade Prediction, Grades (Scholastic)


Two charts of data from Cooper Union Art School are presented: 1) validity coefficients, means and standard deviations of 26 variables as predictors of first-year grades (excluding humanities) and second-year ratings; and 2) intercorrelations of first-year ratings, first-year grades, second-year ratings and second-year grades. Summaries are given on the intercorrelations between years; between grades and ratings; and between different predictors-- especially graphic design, creative design, painting and lettering--with each other and with grades and ratings. The results of this study were the following: 1) The correlation between first- and second-year average grades is fairly high (r = .58). 2) The first-year ratings correlate so strongly with each other and with first-year grades that the use of first-year grades alone would probably be justified. This point of view is supported by the similar pattern of correlations shown with second-year grades. 3) Among the second-year ratings, the most interesting appear to be those in Graphic Design and Creative Design. These correlate rather well with second-year average grade (r's of .48 and .67); somewhat less well with first-year average grade (r's of .17 and .45); and rather well with each other (r = .41). Although probably less reliable than second-year average grade, they may display more clearly the essential factors involved in second-year grades. 4) Ratings of Painting show little relationship with other ratings; whether this results from uniqueness or from unreliability cannot be determined from these results. 5) Ratings of Lettering correlate well with first-year average; much less well with second-year average or ratings. This is especially notable since the Lettering grades were included in the second-year average.

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