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Notes on the Problem of Multiple Selection

Lord, Frederic M.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Brogden, Hubert E, Mathematical Formulas, Personnel Evaluation


The solution to a problem of differential prediction given by Hubert E. Brogden in "An Approach to the Problem of Differential Prediction," pages 139-54, Psychometrika, September, 1946, is reformulated here and presented in analytic form. Suppose that it is desired to assign N people to n jobs, the proportion of people to be assigned to each job being specified ahead of time. It is desired that the average weighted productivity of the people is maximized, each person 's productivity being assigned a weight corresponding to the importance of his or her assigned job. It is assumed that each person's productivity for each job is known ahead of time and can be used as an assignment basis. For the case when n=3, the three regional boundaries are the three planes represented by the matrix given. These conclusions may be extended to any number of dimensions. Mathematical equations are given. (SGK)

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