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A Proposal for a Comparative Study of the Measurement of Attitude

Green, Bert F., Jr.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Academic Aspiration, Attitude Measures, Comparative Testing, Research Proposals


This paper outlines a proposed study to compare two types of measurement of attitude: 1) different methods using item responses, and 2) a representative method of the judgment-of-rater type. The six methods to be considered are: 1) successive intervals; 2) similar reactions; 3) scale analysis; 4) latent structure analysis, latent class model; 5) item analysis for homogeneity; and 6) maximum validity. The first four methods are scaling methods and the last two are empirical approaches not primarily concerned with scaling problems. Criteria needed to evaluate these methods are internal consistency, stability, reliability, and validity for an outside criterion. In addition, the interrelationships of the attitude scores obtained by the various methods and the contribution each approach may make to the others will be investigated. As far as possible each method will be tried independently of the others but using the same items. It is proposed that each of the six methods be used to measure the attitude of college students toward academic achievement, with the additional goal of predicting actual college achievement, or that part of achievement which is unrelated to aptitude. The procedures to be used in performing the study and analyzing the results are outlined.

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