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Proposals for the Third Experimental Battery to be Given at the Naval Postgraduate School

Mollenkopf, William G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Aptitude Tests, College Entrance Examinations, Naval Postgraduate School, Test Batteries, Test Construction, Test Selection


This is the second year of a projected three-year period during which a Navy- sponsored research program is to be carried out, the objective of which is the development of a battery of tests to be used in the selection of students for the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. Three general courses of action for this third administration of tests are proposed and discussed: 1) use of all new tests, 2) re-use of "old" tests (from those administered in 1948 and 1949), and 3) use of revised forms of "old" tests together with a few new tests. Test batteries corresponding to each of the three possibilities and the time to be allowed for each are outlined. Six new tests proposed are in: 1) induction of relationships, 2) spatial visualization, 3) interpretation of data, 4) consequences, 5) generalizations, and 6) experimental procedures. Seven "old" tests proposed for re-use are in: 1) mathematics aptitude, 2) mathematics achievement, 3) reading comprehension, 4) experimental science, 5) physics, 6) engineering, and 7) consequences. Proposal three includes 5 "old" test (in mathematics aptitude, mathematics achievement, reading comprehension, experimental science and physical science and engineering achievement) and four new tests in induction of relationships, spatial visualization, interpretation of data and consequences.

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