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A Proposed Factor Study of Intermediate Algebra

Kline, William E.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Algebra, Factor Analysis, Research Proposals, Skill Analysis


An extensive study using factor analysis to determine the basic skills and abilities used in secondary school intermediate algebra may provide much of value to those interested in this subject. Although the study as planned is limited to the topics of intermediate algebra (usually taught in tenth or eleventh grade), the skills and abilities learned in elementary algebra are all required to perform the tasks of intermediate algebra and would, consequently, be included in this study. However, the conclusions of this study may suggest that further investigation be made into elementary algebra to determine if this is true. If we can determine more clearly and understand better the basic factors of algebraic ability, there will be greater opportunities for improving methods of teaching algebra, for devising better algebra tests, and for recognizing talent and achievement in the field.

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