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Synthesis of Factor Analysis Studies. A Psychological Research Study Being Performed Under Contract with the United States Army. (Progress Report)

Tucker, Ledyard R
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ETS Research Memorandum
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United States Army Research Institute, Factor Analysis, Factor Structure, Literature Reviews, Psychological Testing


This memorandum presents a synthesis of factor analysis studies. A study of the literature on factor analysis showed that publications so far could be classified under two headings--controversy on invariance of results from factorial studies; and similar or related problems (and their solutions) to the one being studied here. Evaluation of the material presented in the literature became guided, as more material was covered, by a greater precision in the attack to be made on the problem. Points from the literature on factorial invariance of simple structure solutions that are of particular interest to the present project are noted, including: 1) disagreements as to whether or not to expect simple structure factorial solutions to be invariant; 2) several indices for identity of factors in two studies; 3) possible effects of change in battery analyzed by test addition or deletion. and 4) effects of selection of the group of subjects used in a study on the extent of correlations between factors and the relative magnitude of loadings of the tests on the factors.

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