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Validation of the Pre-Engineering Inventory at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy P.E.I.

Mollenkopf, William G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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College Entrance Examinations, Engineering Education, Grade Prediction, Merchant Marine Academy, Military Training, Pre-Engineering Inventory, Predictive Validity, Test Construction


The correlations between Pre-Engineering Inventory (P.E.I.) scores and average grades at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point are presented and discussed. The correlations presented are: 1) composite score (technical verbal ability, ability to comprehend scientific materials, and general mathematical ability) with average grade, for a deck group; 2) composite score with average grade, for an engineer group; 3) test V scores (mechanical principles) with machine shop grade, for an engineer group; 4) test V scores with average grade, for an engineer group; and 5) test V scores with composite scores for an engineer group. Scores were obtained from cadet midshipmen, class of 1952, 156 in a deck group and 167 in an engineer group.

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