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A Note on Item Selection for Maximum Validity

Green, Bert F., Jr.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Test Construction, Test Items, Test Length, Test Validity


Horst and Gulliksen have both suggested procedures for selecting a set of items from a test so that a new test composed of the selected items will have maximum validity for some external criterion. A concise review of other methods of obtaining such at set of items has recently been given by Gleser and DuBois. They propose a method, similar to those of Horst and Gulliksen, for dealing with the problem when no restriction is placed on the number of items to be used. The methods of Horst and Gulliksen are very similar, but the mathematical formulations are quite different. Formulations and the practical selection procedures suggested by these authors are discussed and the formulations for estimating the validity of the selected items and the item selection methods are presented. (JGL)

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