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When Is It Worth-While to Search for Additional Predictors?

Gulliksen, Harold O.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Correlation, Factor Analysis, Predictor Variables, Research Design, Test Construction


A preliminary consideration of test construction techniques gives four (at least superficially different) methods for determining whether or not there is something remaining in a criterion to be predicted above and beyond that which is accounted for by any particular test battery. These are: 1) correction of attenuation; 2) partial correlation; 3) factor analysis; and 4) compound symmetry. The uses and interpretation of results of each method are discussed separately. It is also suggested that, before embarking on certain long-term research projects, it would be worthwhile to devise a method "for determining in any situation whether or not one still has something remaining in the criterion over and above that which is already represented in the tests."

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