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Analysis of the SSCQT "Student Questionnaire": Plans and Progress SSCQT

Schultz, Douglas G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Biographical Inventories, College Qualification Tests, Questionnaires, Selective Service, Selective Service College Qualification Test, Student Characteristics


A questionnaire was given to a sample of approximately 4,500 college students taking the Selective Service College Qualification Test (SSCQT). The sample was heterogeneous and diverse, but not necessarily representative of the entire U.S. college population. The purpose of the questionnaire was to aid in the investigation of two types of problems: 1) studies of the effects of special preparation for the SSCQT on actual test performance; and 2) studies of the relationship of various demographic and motivational factors to SSCQT-- college grade correlations. The methods used in selecting the sample and coding the results and the method to be used to analyze the results are described. The method of analysis that will be used is the analysis of covariance; the reasons for the choice of this technique are also discussed. Possible later extensions of this research, using this data, are suggested. These include: 1) further investigation of characteristics of students who used aids to study for the test; 2) study of part-score and item breakdowns; and 3) study of SSCQT vs. SAT and ACE validities. Problems that will not be investigated further, and the reasons why not, are also given. These problems include 1) comparisons between SSCQT takers and non-takers; and 2) direct relationships between SSCQT questionnaire items and scores on the test. The questionnaire is not included in the report.

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