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Analytical Study of the Relative Movement Test and a Study to Establish Integration, Judgment and Planning Factors

Lucas, Charles M.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Cognitive Tests, Factor Structure, Relative Movement Test, Test Construction


The purpose of the present study is a dual one: (1) To factor analyze the intercorrelations of a battery of test scores including scores on the Relative Movement Test in order to obtain a better understanding of what is measured by this test, and (2) to include experimental tests of Integration, Judgment, and Planning in a battery of standard reference tests in an effort to establish factors in this area. The test consists of 50 items each of which describes the movements of a ship relative to a stationary reference point or to another moving ship. Information is given about one or several variables such as speed, direction, distance and time and the examinee is required to arrive at an answer to a given unknown variable without plotting or calculating on paper, and to choose the best out of four given answers to the problem.

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