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Interim Report on a Study in Speed Factors in Tests and in Course Grades

Lord, Frederic M.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Factor Structure, Grades (Scholastic), Test Speededness, Timed Tests


This interim report relates to a study that was designed to answer several questions about speed of response as a factor in test-taking. The questions asked are: is speed on cognitive tests a unitary trait? Or are there different kinds of speed corresponding to different kinds of tasks? In the latter case, how highly correlated with each other are these different kinds of speed? How highly correlated are speed and power on the same task? How do various criteria, such as course grades, relate to speed, and how speeded should tests designed to predict these criteria be? The study culminates in a careful factor analysis of a 33-variable correlation matrix involving admission test scores, experimental test scores, and course grades. All correlations are based on a group of 649 entering college students.

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