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A Factor Analysis of Some Personality Items in a Domain of Social Identification

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Factor Structure, Identification (Psychology), Personality Measures, Personality Research Inventory, Social Attitudes


Five oblique simple-structure factors are isolated in an analysis of 30 personality inventory items. All but factor II are apparently new. All but factor I are probably validly related to judgments of "positive character integration (Cattell's G)" and/or "social responsibility (Gough's Re)." Factor I may be a moderator variable (RB-53-23) in the prediction equations. Ten of the items studied do not load the factors. Eleven more items each load a single factor. Each of the remaining nine loads two adjacent factors. The factors are ranked into what appear to be the levels of maturity required for their expression. By way of hypothesis, the factors have been given interpretive labels as follows: I. Insight: recognition of human frailty in people. II. Attitude toward work: recognition of a basic mission in life. III. Social optimism: recognition that we work for one another's benefit. IV. Democratic attitude: concern for others as individuals. V. Social idealism: recognition of certain rights of groups over individuals.

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