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Relationships Among Some Concepts and Ratings of Military Leadership

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Factor Structure, Leadership Qualities, Military Personnel, Officer Personnel, Personality Traits


This report provides intercorrelation data about sixteen variously- obtained concepts of military leadership. Each variable is in the form of a rank-ordering of traits according to their importance for the particular concept of leadership. Six of the variables are derived from a factor analysis of concepts of an ideal enrollee held by applicants for a Service Academy. (The factor analysis is reported in detail.) Five variables were provided by groups of Academy staff members, who also gave their concepts of a superior enrollee. Two variables are based on item statistics from an experimental test given to an earlier group of applicants. The final three variables are based on Tupes' analysis of OCS leadership criteria. A very large proportion of the intercorrelations of the sixteen concepts are statistically significant. The pattern of correlations can be accounted for in terms of the six factors previously isolated, plus an additional factor or factors common to the Academy staff concepts and remaining variables.

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