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Academic Performance of Public and Private School Graduates at Princeton

Davis, Junius A.; Frederiksen, Norman O.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Academic Achievement, College Preparation, College Students, Grade Point Average (GPA), Graduate Surveys, Princeton University, Private Schools, Public Schools, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


The regressions of average grade in liberal arts at Princeton on ability measures were compared for graduates of public and private schools. Public school graduates were found to be superior to private school graduates in freshman average grade when ability as measured by SAT-V is taken into account. The public school graduates were also found to be superior with respect to sophomore average when ability is taken into account, whether ability is measured by first-term average grade, the Converted School Grade, SAT-V, or a combination of first- term average with Converted School Grade. Freshman grades can be predicted somewhat more accurately by separate consideration of public and private school graduates. Abacs are described which provide an easy graphical method for translating scores on ability measures into predicted grades.

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