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A Rational Curve Relating Length of Rest Period and Length of Subsequent Work Period for an Ergographic Experiment

Tucker, Ledyard R
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Engineering, Human Factors, Leisure Time, Mathematical Formulas, Time


A rational function is developed relating the length of a rest period and length of subsequent work period in an ergographic situation. Simple energistic postulates are used for a critical organ or neuromuscular structure whose failure to perform adequately results in a stoppage of the work period. Experimental results for two subjects using a finger ergograph indicate that the function yields the general trend of the data but that there seems to be some systematic deviations of the data from the present rational function. One parameter determined from the data represents rate of recovery from moderate fatigue. It is hoped that this development will aid in studies of motor functions as related to such other variables as age, motivation, and effects of drugs.

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