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The West Point Tryout of the Guidance Battery, Part 2

French, John Winslow, 1918-
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Aptitude Tests, Construct Validity, Factor Structure, Predictive Measurement, Vocational Aptitude


For the purpose of studying differential and comparative prediction with pure-factor tests, information was desired on which to base the selection of appropriate factors and of appropriate measures for each factor. In August, 1950 some interest-information variables and a battery including two, three, or four tests to represent each of thirteen established factors were administered to an entering class of West Point cadets. The tests and five criterion variables were intercorrelated and factored. The tests, the administration, and the intercorrelations of tests are described in RB-51-12. The present bulletin describes the correlations with course grades, the factor analysis, and the interpretations of factors. Sixteen factors were extracted and rotated to simple structure. These include twelve of the thirteen factors planted in the battery, two interest factors, the grade factor, and a residual factor. The study served to supply satisfactory information for setting up an experimental battery that could be used in studying the feasibility of making useful differential and comparative predictions of college major-field success with pure-factor tests.

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