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Some Preliminary Interpretive Material for the PRI

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Concurrent Validity, Factor Structure, Personality Measures, Personality Research Inventory, Test Interpretation, Test Norms


The purpose of this memorandum is to make available some of the fundamental information beginning to accumulate from the Personality Research Inventory (PRI). This information relates primarily to "external" characteristics of the instrument; a later separate memorandum will be presented covering "internal" characteristics. Appendix I presents 25 lists of items from the PRI grouped according to the scale that they measure. Appendix II presents four tables. Information in the tables are based on PRI scores from 1) 590 high school seniors from a central midwestern city; 2) 984 male industrial workers, aged 18-28, from 10 plant locations throughout the U.S. 3) 800 engineers with 4 to 7 years post-BA experience working in five different companies; and 4) 387 students in sophomore psychology courses in a southwestern state university. The first three tables present analysis of variance results on the PRI scores and half a dozen qualitative, external criteria (sex, race, age plant location, function of work and success at work). The last table presents means and standard deviations for each scale of the four major samples. All but one of the 25 scales show a statistically significant relation to one or more of the external criteria.

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