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Objective Description and Classification of Engineering Jobs, II:Factor Analysis of the Key Group Data Form

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Engineering, Factor Structure, Job Analysis, Key Group Data Form, Occupational Information


Factor analysis of the Key Group Data Form for engineers yields five factors, which represent clusters of engineering activities and are interpretively labelled as: A: Employs basic scientific skills. B: Applies developed technical information. C: Provides supportive technical services. D: Prepares detailed plans for future use. E: Employs various non-technical skills. Each of 23 engineering jobs studied may be described in terms of the relative importance these factors are judged to have in producing success. Other engineering jobs may be readily incorporated and described in these same terms. The factorial results are able to explain many difficulties that were encountered in attempts to cross-validate predictions of success made within certain "Functional Groups" of engineers, when the grouping was based on a less arduous analysis of the Key Group Data Form (1). The new results are judged to provide an improved basis for job description and classification.

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