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Pair Comparisons Consistency and Grades in Law School LSAT

Hills, John R.; Raine, Walter J.
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Report Number:
RB-58-11, LSAC-58-03
ETS Research Bulletin
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Subject/Key Words:
Grades (Scholastic), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Law Students, Legal Traits Test, Paired Comparisons, Response Style (Tests), Test Reliability


In order to ascertain whether consistency in making pair comparisons would be useful as a predictor of first-year law school grades, consistency scores from the Legal Traits Tests were correlated with grades at four schools of law. None of the linear correlations was significantly different from zero, and no tendencies toward curved relationships were evident in the scatterplots. Since these results are so different from the results reported by Gulliksen, Saunders, and Tucker, it is suggested that either we have stumbled on a very rare occurrence, or else there are unknown but important differences between law school grades and college grades, or between law students and Temple or West Point students, which strongly influence the relationship between consistency scores and grades. At any rate, consistency scores are not promising as predictors of law school grades.

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