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Comparative Prediction Of Success And Satisfaction In College Major Fields. Part I: The Study and the Correlational Results

French, John Winslow, 1918-
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Aptitude Tests, Comparative Prediction Battery, Interest Inventories, Job Satisfaction, Majors (Students), Predictive Validity, Student Interests, Vocational Aptitude, Vocational Interests


The Comparative Prediction Battery, college level, an experimental instrument consisting of very short measures of 16 aptitude factors, an interest inventory, and a personality questionnaire, was administered to 4,833 students in eight colleges of whom 2,123 graduated and for whom complete records were available including all tests and inventory scores, four-year academic records, and questionnaire information on satisfaction with chosen major field. This first part of the report describes briefly the general philosophy of the study, describes the tests, the inventory scales, and the criterion information obtained for the students, gives the essential details of the administration and follow-up, and presents the findings: intercorrelations of the predictor variables, their validities for major field grades, freshman course grades, satisfaction with major field, and other criteria, and means and standard deviations of the variables for major field groups at the eight colleges.

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