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Comparative Prediction of Success and Satisfaction in College Major Fields. Part II: Pooling and Analysis of Results and Conclusions

French, John Winslow, 1918-
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Biographical Inventories, Comparative Prediction Battery, Majors (Students), Predictive Measurement, Predictive Validity, Student Characteristics


This bulletin completes the report of the Comparative Prediction Study - College Level. RB-59-10, described the background and method of the study, the aptitude tests, interest scales and personality scales, the administration to college freshman, the intercorrelations that were computed, and the need for averaging validity coefficients. The results of the testing are presented here as if the study had been done at the "average college." The analysis shows the multiple validities that can be obtained from the battery and evaluates the battery's capability for differential and comparative prediction by computing the intercorrelations among predicted criteria and the validity of the predicted differences between criteria. An explanation and a demonstration is made of statistical corrections for the length of the tests, restriction of range in the major-field groups, and "shrinkage" expected when the multiple validities are tried out on new groups. The battery is evaluated according to specifications laid down previously.

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