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Organized Student Protest and Institutional Climate CUES

Davis, Junius A.; Peterson, Richard E.; Sasajima, Masu
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Activism, College Environment, College and University Environment Scales (CUES), Educational Environment, Predictive Measurement


The purpose of this research was to study relationships between six indices of student protest and five dimensions of college climate. The College and University Environment Scales (CUES) provides measures on five scales entitled Practicality, Community, Awareness, Propriety, and Scholarship. Student protest scales were derived from the results of a study by Peterson and are labeled Quality of Instruction, Faculty Affairs, Administration Paternalism, Politically Extremist Visitors, Civil Rights, and U.S. Militarism. Results were based on CUES and protest scores for 109 colleges. While correlations between CUES Awareness and U.S. Militarism, and between Awareness and Civil Rights, were relatively high (.54 and .57 respectively), most of the zero order correlations between environment and protest variables were either low or negligible. Wherry-Doolittle multiple correlations were computed using the five CUES scales to predict each of the six protest criteria. Multiple correlations for the four on-campus issues were .25 or less; but for Civil Rights and U.S. Militarism the multiple correlations were, respectively, .63 and .71. CUES, then, did not predict protest concerning campus problems; it was, however, a reasonably good predictor of student protest over off-campus issues.

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