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The Case Development Questionnaire: An Information-Search Assessment Technique CDQ

Halpern, Gerald
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Cognitive Processes, Cognitive Tests, Decision Making, Questionnaires, Simulation


It is generally agreed that an early and essential phase of problem-solving involves the acquiring and processing of information (Simon, 1957). One criterion for a "good" decision is simply that it be based on an awareness of relevant information (Clarke, Gelatt, & Levine, 1965). This paper presents a new technique for the study of information search processes, the Case Development Questionnaire (CDQ). The methodology of CDQ is that of simulation. Such methods are appropriate where the typical laboratory study would oversimplify the behavior to be examined yet real-life observation would be difficult because of the complexity of the situation or because individuals cannot be randomly assigned to treatments or because the behavior is covert and some technique is required to make it overt. The inherent difficulty in simulating a process is how to elicit and record behavior in such a way that the measurement procedure does not unduly cue or restrict the behavior.

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