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Reproduction of Total Test Score Through the Use of Sequential Programmed Tests

Cleary, T. Anne; Linn, Robert L.; Rock, Donald A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Discriminant Testing, Item Banks, Programmed Tests, Test Construction, Testing Problems


The use of programmed tests, where a sequential system of branching is used to direct the examinee to appropriate portions of the test, is proposed as one possible solution to the problem of the increasing range of ability among test takers. Several advantages of such a system are noted. This study used existing data to evaluate the feasibility of such tests. Selected items from a pool of 190 items were re-scored, as though the tests had been taken sequentially, after students had taken the entire test and been categorized by performance. Two methods of routing test takers to the appropriate sections of the test are described. They are the Four-Group Sequential Method and the Three-Group Sequential Method. Tables giving various comparisons and correlations between the total test scores and the programmed test scores are attached.

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