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Maximizing the Validity of a Unit-Weight Composite as a Function of Relative Component Lengths With a Fixed Total Testing Time

Jackson, Paul H.; Novick, Melvin R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Office of Naval Research, Correlation, Mathematical Models, Statistics, Test Theory, Timed Tests


An explicit solution is given to the problem of assigning relative lengths to the subtests of a test so as to maximize the correlation of the unit weight composite with a specified criterion when the total testing time is fixed. This solution is valid and unique whenever it specifies nonnegative times for all variables. A step-down procedure is suggested for cases in which some of the testing times are zero. This procedure does not necessarily provide an optimal allocation. However in examples studied it is found to provide near optimum results. Algorithms are also developed for the determination of the least total testing time required to attain specified multiple and composite correlations. A numerical example is given illustrating the use of the unit weight procedure in combination with the regression weight algorithm.

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