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Factoring the Multitest-Multioccasion Correlation Matrix

Joreskog, Karl G.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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National Science Foundation (NSF), Factor Analysis, Least Squares Statistics, Maximum Likelihood Statistics, Models, Statistical Analysis, Study of Academic Prediction and Growth


In this paper we consider various models for analyzing multitest multioccasion data such as obtained in growth studies where several tests have been administered to the same examinees at several occasions. A general model is described first and then some special cases of this model are studied in greater detail. It is shown that all models are special cases of an even more general model proposed and investigated by Joreskog (1969b). The estimation and testing problems may be handled by an analysis of this model. Two methods for estimating the parameters of the models are considered: the least squares method and the maximum likelihood method. One model is illustrated by means of some growth data.

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