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CACEYD: A Computer Program for the Cluster Analysis of Coordinates From Eckart-Young Decomposition CACEYD

Wainer, Howard
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ETS Research Memorandum
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CACEYD, Computer Software, Data Analysis


This paper describes the computer program CACEYD for cluster analysis of coordinates from Eckart-Young decomposition. The procedure performed by this program has essentially three parts: 1) it performs a principal components analysis of the data, 2) it uses the component loadings and scores as coordinates in the component space and computes the interitem and interperson distances using both a Euclidean and an Attneave (1950) metric, 3) it performs a hierarchical cluster analysis of these distance matrices. The method of analysis, the input data, the procedure for expanding the program to more than 12 items, and the output data in the form of printed tables and graphs are all described in the text. Appendices show an example of input data, an example of output data, and the FORTRAN list.

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