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The Measurement of Perceptual-Motor Abilities of Head Start Children

Gordon, George C.; Hyman, Irwin
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Cognitive Development, Disadvantaged Youth, Elementary School Students, Perception Tests, Perceptual-motor learning., Project Head Start


A battery of perceptual and perceptual-motor integrative tasks was developed and administered to a group of economically disadvantaged children enrolled in Head Start classes. The battery, which included widely used as well as newly developed instruments, was designed to conform to a model which conceived of the skills leading to complex cognitive functions as being hierarchical in nature. Performance data and interrelationships are presented for all measures and comparisons made with studies of middle class children wherever possible. The results indicated little deficit for the study group in the basic perceptual and gross perceptual and gross perceptual-motor skills, but a marked deficit in the more complex integrative skills. The appropriateness of the measures for disadvantaged populations is discussed.

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