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Measurement of College Achievement by the College-Level Examination Program CLEP

Sharon, Amiel T.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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College Board, Academic Achievement, Achievement Tests, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Higher Education, Predictive Validity, Test Validity


This report discusses the criterion-related and construct validity of the College-Level Examination Program's General Examinations primarily in terms of research studies conducted at institutions of higher education, while most of the research provides support for the validity of the examinations as measures of academic achievement in college, the results of many of the studies have alternative explanations. Correlations between the GE's and college grades obtained concurrently are moderately positive, but the validities of the tests for predicting success in upper-level studies are significantly lower. The GE's are also correlated positively with the amount of previous college experience. Significant gains on the tests are generally made by students over the first 2 years of college and the highest scores on each test are obtained by students intending to major in the subject covered by the test. The GE's relationship to other tests is also discussed, as well as their appropriateness for adults.

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