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Factorial Invariance of Ability Measures in Groups Differing in Intelligence and Socioeconomic Status SES

Joreskog, Karl G.; McGaw, Barry
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Ability Identification, Factor Analysis, Intelligence, Project TALENT, Socioeconomic Status (SES)


This study attempts to determine whether the pattern of human abilities varies or remains constant over a range of ability levels. Scores on 12 aptitude and achievement tests for 11,743 subjects, subdivided into four groups according to intelligence and socioeconomic status, were used. A technique, developed by Joreskog, for simultaneously factor analyzing data from several populations was used to determine whether there was factorial invariance over the four groups. A model, in which the same factor pattern (matrix of factor loadings) was assumed to hold for the four groups, was fitted to the data. Goodness of fit indices suggested the model fitted satisfactorily. Differences in the factor dispersion matrices and mean factor scores for the subpopulations were then examined and discussed. Statistical data is included in the accompanying tables. (Author/LR)

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