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Transfer of Training in Double Classification Skills Across Operations of Guilford's Structure-of-Intellect Model NICHD

Jacobs, Paul I.; White, Margaret N.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), Classification, Cognitive Processes, Guilford's Structure of Intellect Model, Learning Processes, Models


The present study was undertaken to assess whether training that was known to produce transfer within the Cognition of Figural Relations (CFR) domain of Guilford's Structure-ofIntel model would also produce transfer to other operations in Guilford's model. Fifty subjects, matched for pretest score on a double classification task, were randomly assigned to either training or control (no training) groups. Within the training group, subjects matched for pretest score were assigned at random to either of two trainers. Training was given both on CFR and NFR (Convergent Production of Figural Relations). Posttests were administered covering CFR, NFR, DFR (Divergent Production of Figural Relations) and ERF (Evaluation of Figural Relations). Training subjects significantly outperformed control subjects in CFR with both taught and untaught logical relations. The two trainers differed in effectiveness. For the better trainer, transfer was obtained within NFR and to EFR, but not to DFR or to Raven's Colored Progressive Matrices as measure of CFR. Transfer effects held up three months later. (Author/CK) (21pp.)

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