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LISREL: A General Computer Program for Estimating a Linear Structural Equation System Involving Multiple Indicators of Unmeasured Variables

Joreskog, Karl G.; Van Thillo, Marielle
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Computer Software, Data Analysis, Linear Programming, Mathematical Models


A general computer program for estimating the unknown coefficients in a set of linear structural equations is described. In its most general form, the variables in the equation system may be unmeasured hypothetical constructs of latent variables, and there may be several measured variables or multiple indicators for each unmeasured variable. Also, the method allows for both errors in equations (residuals, disturbances) and errors in the observed variables (errors of errors) and yields estimates of the disturbance variance-covariance matrix and the measurement error variances, as well as estimates of the unknown coefficients in the structual equations, provided that all these parameters are identified. The method is so general and flexible that it is possible to handle a wide range of models. The model considered here is a generalization of the model considered by Joreskog (1973). (Author/DB) (73pp.)

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